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If you See a Bombie, do not Touch it!

Lao women have forged a close friendship performing a dangerous task to free their country of lethal vestiges of war. Here’s a poem I wrote after watching Foreign Correspondent on 15 July 2014. “If you see a bombie, do not … Continue reading

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SunWinks! 27 July 2014: Ars Poetica

Ars Poetica My poem can be whatever it wants to be Free to sing Free to laugh Free to cry Free to rhyme Or not to rhyme   My poem is free and can be whatever it wants to be … Continue reading

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Share Your World – 2014 week 29

Have you ever been in a submarine? If you haven’t, would you want to? I haven’t and I wouldn’t want to. I don’t feel comfortable in enclosed spaces. Are you a listener or talker? Both, as a matter of fact. … Continue reading

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“One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua”

Glass canopy – I think it needs a wash

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Dove and Owen

Originally posted on Rethinking Life:
Dove asked Owen if he would agree to be part of her act this weekend for the big Peace In.   The sweet bird agreed immediately.  Dove made a tiny Peace banner for him to…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Old bottles and inkpots Painted vase between teapots on my kitchen windowsill Teapot with two birds Anyone for a cuppa? * Copyright 2014 Irina Dimitric

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MH17 Tragedy (SunWinks! 20 July 2014)

This tragedy hit me really hard. I had to stop watching the news. The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in 2001 threw me into deep depression. My GP recommended then I stay away from TV news at times like … Continue reading

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Twenty-four words from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This is the poem of the soul Naked to sun and rain Like the white soul of the saint These are the hands that believe and build * Twenty-four words from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; I inserted “soul” in the second … Continue reading

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Sunday Stills, the next challenge: The letter “B”

Birds with long Beaks on my Balcony Black Currawong and Kookaburras The Australian Magpie has a whitish beak with a black tip and sings most beautifully. The Kookaburra is a fat bird with a very strong beak but it’s not sharp, … Continue reading

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A Lingering Look At Windows: Week #28

I took these photos with my smart phone HTC Desire yesterday. Enjoying a delicious lunch with my husband at Mosman Café, Sydney, Australia, I took this photo from inside through the window. On the way out I couldn’t resist taking a … Continue reading

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