Sweet Memories – Cinquain


Of shared jokes and

Crazy laughs between us

Sweet memories when we were young

My son


Copyright © Irina Dimitric 2018

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The Girl With Dark Hair – Sixty Years Ago

Our love story began here, on Mount Jahorina in Bosnia in March 1958. ❤

He spotted her dark hair

And her chirpy chatter

Among the giggling girls

There was love in the air


He searched on the mountain

Clad in pristine white

Dotted with myriad figures fair

Swaying, swishing downhill fast

Where is she, the girl with dark hair?


There she was one fine day

Right at the top having fun

Resting on her crossed skis

Caressed by the sun


When from her not too far

He addressed her

Hello Miss, don’t you wear a bra?

The cheek, he didn’t get an answer


He pursued his love-struck pursuit

Throwing his bait, a witty remark

Whenever he crossed her elusive path


Until one day at noon

Paradise Valley all white and bare

The swaying figures gone to lunch fast

He waited for her, the girl with dark hair

Knowing she would be the last


Like a princess from a fairy-tale

She came down on a cloud

Descending exactly where he stood quite pale

“You have beautiful green eyes”, he said

And invited her for lunch


They skied together all day

Swishing and swaying down the mountain

Their charmed snowy love fountain


In the evening they danced

And continued to gently sway

While listening to the piano play

“My one and only love”


To this very day this is their song

The song of their winter love affair

When he spotted her

The chirpy girl with dark hair.

My One and Only Love

The very thought of you makes my heart sing
Like an April breeze on the wings of spring,
And you appear in all your splendor,
My one and only love.

The shadows fall and spread their mystic charms
In the hush of night while you’re in my arms.
I feel your lips, so warm and tender,
My one and only love.

The touch of your hand is like heaven,
A heaven that I’ve never known.
The blush on your cheek whenever I speak
Tells me that you are my own.

You fill my eager heart with such desire.
Ev’ry kiss you give sets my soul on fire.
I give myself in sweet surrender,
My one and only love.

Songwriters: Guy B. Wood, Robert Mellin
© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind


I like Sting’s version of our song.



©Irina Dimitric 2012

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Winky Blue

Time for a bit of nonsense! A tribute in verse to Winky Blue, who is going to keep me fit. I finally found the right ball in a two-dollar shop. It cost a bit more – $5, but it was worth it. I instantly fell in love with that cute face. And I love the colour, too. I named him Winky because he does kind of wink at me, calling me to start exercising.

Winky Blue

Tiddle doo

Winks at me

When I’m blue


Take me please

In your arms

Kiss me sweet

With your charms


Toss me high

In the air

Grab me back

That is fair


Winky dear

Have no fear

My arms are strong

Hear my song


Ne’er too old

To laugh and play

Just be bold

Enjoy the day


Winky Blue

Tiddle doo

Winks at me

I’m no more blue ❤


What do you do to keep fit?


Copyright©2018 Irina Dimitric


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Australia Day 26 January 2017!

Happy Australia Day 2018 to my fellow Australians!

Irina's Poetry Corner



I wrote this poem in 2013, I think, and my Facebook friend Ag Nes created this digital photo.


Citizenship ceremonies will be held all over Australia today. People will celebrate in green parks and on sandy beaches, in pubs and clubs and at home. They’ll put lamb chops, sausages and shrimps on the barbie, delicious Aussie tucker, and keep cool and merry sipping cold Aussie beer or any other Aussie beverage.

My hubby Sasha and I will be celebrating with our feathered friends.


With colourful Rainbow Lorikeets



With Magpies singing praises of this special day.



These two rascals won’t be welcome. The Sulphur-crested Cockatoos were good fun until they decided to help themselves, in our absence, to our outdoor timber furniture.



I’ll let you join the party, Mr Currawong, if you pop in at your hairdresser’s first.



The Laughing Kookaburra is always welcome.


Happy Australia Day to my fellow…

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The Sky Is On Fire – Haiku-Haiga


Horizon in flames

Wild desire burns in the heart

December heat wave

The fire extinguished

Peace descends upon the world

Evening yearns for love

“Good Night!” calls the currawong from the roof.

Season’s Greetings to all the wonderful Fellow Bloggers!

It may be snowing in your part of the world, but not in Oz! 🙂

Wishing you Joy, Peace and Happiness in the New Year! ❤


Copyright ©2017 Irina Dimitric


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Sunset – Cinquain


Good night and sleep tight! ❤

Copyright 2017 Irina Dimitric

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene (Haiku)


Blue heavens above

Reflections shimmer below

Serene is my soul

Blue,  the colour of peace and tranquillity, has a calming effect on the soul.

Surprise! Surprise! Even my laptop has taken up the “serene” challenge.


Copyright©2017 Irina Dimitric


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Foggy Morning – Cinquain


Dawn fog
Gingerly trails
Its silvery beard across
The bay, letting sunshine stir up
The world

Good morning, pretty bird!

We are a pair, always together!

Morning has broken,  Wood Pigeon has spoken!

Good morning everyone! Have a lovely day!

Copyright©2017 Irina Dimitric

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Bidding Goodbye to the Jacaranda Season – Haiku

~ Jacaranda trees

Farewell their purple blossoms

End of November

Here are just a few pics to remember their purple beauty before they disappear from our gardens, parks and streets.

~ In full bloom, all in  purple blue

~ With a blue carpet on the ground

~ But some Jacarandas produce flowers and foliage at the same time. This one is in my street.

~ A close-up on a sunny day

~ Tall and skinny …

~ Tall, skinny and squiggly …

~ Bye until next year in November!

©  2017 Irina Dimitric


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Screen Time Rant – Haiku – Haiga


On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m giving thanks for fresh air! ❤

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this great day! ❤

© 2017 Irina Dimitric

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