Australia Day 26 January 2017!



I wrote this poem in 2013, I think, and my Facebook friend Ag Nes created this digital photo.


Citizenship ceremonies will be held all over Australia today. People will celebrate in green parks and on sandy beaches, in pubs and clubs and at home. They’ll put lamb chops, sausages and shrimps on the barbie, delicious Aussie tucker, and keep cool and merry sipping cold Aussie beer or any other Aussie beverage.

My hubby Sasha and I will be celebrating with our feathered friends.


With colourful Rainbow Lorikeets



With Magpies singing praises of this special day.



These two rascals won’t be welcome. The Sulphur-crested Cockatoos were good fun until they decided to help themselves, in our absence, to our outdoor timber furniture.



I’ll let you join the party, Mr Currawong, if you pop in at your hairdresser’s first.



The Laughing Kookaburra is always welcome.


Happy Australia Day to my fellow Australians!

Copyright 2017 Irina Dimitric

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Martin Luther King, Jr. – Quotes

Inspirational post! Thank you, Cheryl. ❤


God, Freedom, & Everything USA                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

We must accept infinite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

The time is always right to do what is right.


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Nominations and Thunderclaps

Please support Anita Stewart, a very fine poet.

Welcome to Avalon

Hello all, readers, minions, assorted others.

Today I come to you on bended knee asking for your support. I have two requests, one for votes and one for social media support of a Thunderclap. Plus, I have a short announcement, so read on to the end.


First, I have good news. My book, Horror Haiku and Other Poems, was nominated in the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll in the Poem category. So yay!

This brings me to my first request. I need votes! So I ask you to find a spark of kindness and go check out the poll, and perhaps grant my poor book a vote.

Here’s the page:

One to the next request. My thunderclap.

I’ve mentioned this event before on the site, but the campaign has only 9 days to go, and has stalled. It still has nearly 30 supporters to go to reach its goal…

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O Holy Night

I’m still in Christmas mood, so I’m reblogging this beautiful post by Millie Thom. ❤

Millie Thom

carol-singersI’d intended to include this section in my post about the history of Christmas carols yesterday, but decided against it when I realised I had more to write about than was wise for a single post. In addition, the focus on this carol is very appropriate for today, considering what day it is! Of course, carols like Silent Night and Hark the Herald Angels Sing, While Shepherd’s Watch and several others would also fit the bill, but O Holy Night was on my mind.

So here we are again, enjoying another Christmas Eve. Children everywhere will be getting very excited. What the heck …. I’m excited, and I want to wish everyone in Blogland a really wonderful Christmas.


Now for the serious stuff . . .

I was reading one of Natalie Scarberry’s posts a few days ago on her blog Sacred Touches and on it she’d put a…

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Holy Night – Triolet


Nativity scene at Bridegpoint Shopping Centre, Mosman, Australia

Nativity scene at Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, Mosman, Australia


Holy Night – Triolet

Tonight is the Holy Night
Christ the Saviour born unto us
Blessed is the holy sight
Tonight is the Holy Night
To save our souls he’ll always fight
His healing Love a sacred gift to us
Tonight is the Holy Night
Christ the Saviour born unto us

Merry Christmas, Peace, Love and Joy to you all!

© Copyright 2016 Irina Dimitric   Photo credit: Irina Dimitric

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Vanilla Orchid – Haiku


Perfect chorus line
White butterflies’ joyous dance
By the window sill


You can read more about orchids here.

© Copyright 2016 Irina Dimitric


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Spare a Thought for Santa – Cinquain

Christmas at Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, Mosman, NSW, Australia.


Yes, yes, of course he must feed his reindeer, but he must not forget himself!


A Cinquain for Santa

Santa needs to
Have a rest, grab a bite,
Down a glass of wine, stretch his legs.
Hear, hear!


And let us remember that Christmas is about Christ’s birth and His gift of Love and Peace.


A very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! ❤ And Peace to everyone! ❤

Cheers 🙂 Irina



© Copyright 2016 Irina Dimitric –  Photography Irina Dimitric


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A Mother’s Love – Triolet

Mother Magpie feeding her fledgling

Mother Magpie feeding her fledgling


A Mother’s love and care

The string of life it holds

Rife in nature everywhere

A Mother’s love and care

The child’s path does patiently prepare

Gently guiding as young life unfolds

A Mother’s love and care

The string of life it holds



© Copyright 2016 Irina Dimitric

If you wish to write a Triolet, here are simple instructions:

The features of the Triolet are:

  • 8 lines.
  • Two rhymes.
  • 5 of the 8 lines are repeated or refrain lines.
  • First line repeats at the 4th and 7th lines.
  • Second line repeats at the 8th line.
  • Rhyme scheme (where an upper-case letter indicates the appearance of an identical line, while a lower-case letter indicates a rhyme with each line designated by the same lower-case or upper-case letter):



a     – Rhymes with 1st line.

A   – Identical to 1st line.

a     – Rhymes with 1st line.

b     – Rhymes with 2nd line.

A     – Identical to 1st line.

B     – Identical to 2nd line.


Have a great weekend! Cheers 🙂 Irina



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Without The Moon – Rondel Prime


Without The Moon – A Rondel Prime for Mindful Poetry

I couldn’t resist writing another Rondel Prime, this time about my favourite celestial companion, the Moon…  This was 4 years ago, and I can’t find the first Rondel Prime I wrote for Susan Budig’s Mindful Poetry in 2012… Anyway, I might find it one day. But for today’s Super Moon here’s a tribute to our beautiful Moon.


Without the Moon

The Earth would be a lonely place
If suddenly she lost the Moon
The dark night’s happy face
Watching lovers croon

Would still lovers’ shy embrace
Turn into a dizzy swoon?
The Earth would be a lonely place
If suddenly she lost the Moon

Love perhaps would end too soon
Without Moon’s caring watchful base
A woeful end awaits the human race
Without her shiny loving boon

The Earth would be a lonely place
If suddenly she lost the Moon

©Irina Dimitric 2012

Photo credit: Irina Dimitric


This poem appears in my book ‘Dreams on my Pillow’


Enjoy the Super Moon tonight 14 November 2016! ❤ Cheers 🙂 Irina


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For Remembrance Day: Heroes

A beautiful tribute to WWI heroes by A.F. Stewart

Welcome to Avalon



Dream of faraway mountains wild
and warriors, whose hearts beat sound,
the sweet laugh of a grateful child.
Remember not the bloody ground
or your lifeless friends that surround.
The ghost of years, went by too fast,
embrace these memories unwound.
Lost in the echoes of the past

The face of that girl who smiled
the night before you left, war bound.
Oh, how her fair blue eyes beguiled,
within their depths you might have drowned.
Not to be, gone before you found,
swallowed by a battlefield vast
and the noise of mortar inbound.
Lost in the echoes of the past

They molded strangers and compiled
that bond of brothers, so profound.
Confront that enemy reviled
when booming battle drums resound,
to conclude with death, all around.
Lingering questions never asked
in your mind, they forever hound.
Lost in the echoes of the past

Dream of your home, that…

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