My Book “Dreams On My Pillow” Published by Xlibris

P1220656 cropped

My book of poetry, including some photos, was published about two months ago, but I kept it under wraps until the publisher dropped the price of the printed copy as promised. It is now available in Xlibris Bookstore at $US20.16, and hopefully Amazon and Barnes & Noble will soon update their price to reflect the change.

It took me two and a half months to prepare the manuscript for submission, as I was doing this for the first time and found formatting to be quite a tricky business since I wanted my poem and the photo to appear on the same page. There was some toing and froing the following two weeks regarding the formatting and minor corrections, but Xlibris representatives were at all times co-operative and willing to make the necessary changes according to my wishes.

It was a very intensive learning process, not without occasional swearing at my computer or the program that didn’t allow me to do things in a simpler way. Big sigh.

But Xlibris designers have done a great job! When the sample copy arrived, I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to bits to be holding in my hands the first book of my poetry, accompanied by a photo here and there – a book in full colour on glossy paper! ’Yippee!’ I exclaimed. ‘It’s beautiful’, my husband said. ‘I’m very proud of you.’ My late mother would have been proud too.

This book is very much a tribute to my Facebook and Gather friends, who inspired me to write poetry on a regular basis, providing challenges and mentoring. The title of the book is the title of the poem on Page 28, which was written as a response to a challenge ‘write a poem about winter’. But in the hot Sydney summer I could only dream of winter, remembering my childhood white winters in the Northern Hemisphere.

When crashed at the end of April last year, I started blogging on WordPress. Many of my Gather friends regrouped on Facebook and some joined WordPress. So I’ve dedicated my book not only to my family, but also to both my friends in the flesh and my cyber friends. I’ve met many talented bloggers on WordPress and I’m so happy to be able to interact with you, dear bloggers from all over the world, and to continue to learn through your interesting posts.

“Dreams On My Pillow” is also available in e-book format. If you look it up online, you’ll learn more about the content. And if you decide to buy it, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

E-Book link:

Softcover link:

Cheers :) Irina

Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric

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New Poem: Virtual Tumor


If cancer has touched you, your loved ones, your friends or your pets, read this beautiful poem by Doug Westberg.

Originally posted on SunWinks!:

I’m normally very protective of my poetry, but I’m posting this one as text and protecting it with a Creative Commons License* in hopes you will share this with your communities so it can reach someone who needs to read it.

*You may copy and distribute it any way you like as long as you attribute it to me and don’t alter it.

photo: kitty

Serefina reads over my shoulder

Virtual Tumor

My cat has a tumor under her eye.

It looks just like a ripe cranberry.

She’s seventeen years old,

eighty-five in human years.

Given her age,

even a biopsy would be risky.

So there’s not much to do but watch it grow.

My brother had Kaposi’s sarcomas

all over his face.

We went to the pizza parlor and the deli once.

He was totally unself-conscious

as were the food workers who

greeted him like an old friend.

My wife has…

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Historical Vessel Vega Humanitarian Mission Update. Pls help to reblog and share their story


It’s wonderful to see so many happy kids! Great post!

Originally posted on The Crazy Bag Lady

Earlier in the year, in March, I wrote about meeting the couple behind the Historical Vega Humantiarian Mission. Captain Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun were the most inspiring and passionate people I have ever met. I met them when they docked at Straits Quay Penang to collect donations for schools in the remote areas of Indonesia and East Timor areas. They were looking for school bags, school supplies, musical instruments and medical supplies. They had a list of things that people could donate. They didnt want money, they wanted specific things which involved people having to go out to buy or donate from their homes or schools. It gives people a sense of involvement. It surely did for me. I got a few of my friends to donate money so that I could go out to buy musical instruments for the school band.

1380656_695746133827954_225938993694593623_n School and medical supplies aboard the…

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The Battle of Cer, Serbia, WWI

Today Serbia is celebrating the centenary of the Battle of Cer.

The Battle of Cer was the first victory of the Allies, which occurred after the first Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia in late July 1914, when Belgrade came under heavy artillery bombardment and the country was ravaged, houses burned, wells poisoned, unspeakable atrocities committed against civilians, young and old, women and children as well. The ailing King Peter, riddled with arthritis, walking with great difficulty and with a grieving heart, made his way to the troops on the frontline and to boost their morale addressed them with these words:

“Heroes, you have taken two oaths: one to me, your King, and one to your country. From the first I release you, from the second no man can release you. But if you decide to return to your homes and if we should be victorious, you shall not be made to suffer.” (p. 582 Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West, Canongate Classics 1993)

They all stayed and went on to prepare for a counter attack.

The Battle of Cer was won singlehandedly by the Serbian army against a better equipped and larger enemy army. The battle lasted nearly ten days on the slopes of the Cer Mountain, from 15 August to 24 August. Henry Barby, a French journalist, wrote on 19 August 1914: “The history of Austria-Hungary has been studded with a remarkable collection of defeats and the reign of Franz Joseph has been particularly fecund in military disasters. But until today, the old monarch was able to claim that he had only ever been beaten by the Great Powers, by France in 1850, and by Prussia in 1866. Today, it is Serbia, a tenth of the size of Austria, with a tenth of the population, which has inflicted a first and resounding defeat.” (Battle of Cer – Wikipedia)

* * *

This is an excerpt from “My Dad, Volunteer in WWI”. At the time of the Battle of Cer, Dad was on military training in Osijek, Slavonia, getting ready to be sent to the front. – (To be continued)

Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric

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Imagine Peace


Beautiful post about spreading the energy of peace!

Originally posted on Artists4Peace:

For many of us, war is clearly not the answer. Let’s try peace.

Hoi, Vietnam

For inspiration, we can draw on John Lennon’s beautiful song and vision for a world united in peace, Imagine.

As part of my commitment to peace, bloggers for peace, and the truth of who I am, I dedicate this post to peace.

 Imagine the impact we could make if every day the internet was awash in creativity, beauty, energy, emotion, and positive vibrations about Peace. ~ B4Peace 

I’d like to help create an energy of peace for Syria and the Middle East. As much as I understand and even admire people willing to protest the wrongs of wars, governments and injustice, I don’t believe it creates the right conditions for peace. To create peace, we must send out the energy of peace in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I’m committing to daily time spent in quiet, contemplating…

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Why must it be so?

P1070466 mod sharp crop signed


Pretty garden spider
Like the jungle tiger
The same old tale
On a smaller scale

Why must it be so?
Wherever you go
Every creature’s feature
Hunter or hunted in Nature

Blood and gore
For ever more
From the start
Until death do us part

Why must it be so?
Couldn’t humans show
Some brilliant ingenuity
And do away with this iniquity?

For everyone milk and honey
Every being as meek as a bunny
Wouldn’t that be nice?
Just as in Paradise

I can hear your icy sneers
Like hailstorm in my ears:
That is life, that’s the go
You should know it must be so!

Yet, despite the cursèd doom
Let us pray to cast away the gloom
May the gentle, caring dove
Spread the word of peace and love!

P1220774signed and cropped


Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric

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Change the World


Beautiful tribute to Robin Williams <3

Originally posted on Misifusa's Blog:


 No matter what people tell you,

words and ideas can change the world. 

~ Robin Williams

What’s the memory you leave behind after you’re gone?  How will people remember you?  These are the questions in my head this morning as we say goodbye to Robin Williams who passed away yesterday.  When I think of him, I think of the laughter he evoked in such a variety of ways and I admire the freedom he displayed in expressing so many different characters seeming as easily as he took a breath.  I am reminded of the stories that circulate about how he offered to pay for treatment for Christopher Reeve after the horseback riding accident which left him paralyzed and how he quietly and yet consistently donated his own funds to all different charities over the years.

I have written about how Laughter is the Best Medicine and even about Robin…

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Dove of Peace and Love

P1220774signed and cropped

May the gentle, caring dove
Spread the word of peace and love!


Copyright 2014 Irina Dimitric

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

In my street at Beauty Point, Australia. All photos were taken with my smart phone HTC Desire this morning.

IMAG0934 signed
Dead palm tree branches

IMAG0918 signed
African daisies

IMAG0928 signed
A lonely leaf

IMAG0866 signed

Gum tree bark


Copyright 2014 Irina Dimitric

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A Sprig of Golden Wattle

IMAG0339 mod Sharp 25-002

A sprig of golden wattle
For the deceased
A gift of remembrance
By the bereaved
Both old and young
Deceased and bereaved
Now joined by the sweetest fragrance
Of the golden wattle sprig
At St Patrick’s

Three times she kissed the golden sprig
Before her frail, trembling hand
Stuck it
Into the golden wattle wreath
Before the altar

Cruel death met them in the sky
Two hundred and ninety-eight
Why? Why? Why?
Angelic voices sing a soothing hymn
Love conquers hate, the say
Love conquers death
At St. Patrick’s today

United in grief they stand
Side by side
Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jew
To honour the lives cut short
Their dead loved ones
Now resting in peace

In the end
Love always conquers hate
Love, sweet love, shall wipe their tears
The sweet fragrance of the golden wattle
Their hearts shall warm
Love shall not abandon us `


Written on the day of the National Memorial Service for the victims of the MH17 disaster at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia. 7/o8/2014.

Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric

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