The Black Prince – Prose Poem – SunWinks! February 22, 2015: Waxing Prosaic

Who is The Black Prince?

P1110205 crop 3

There he stands haughty, resplendent in his shiny blackness, black as tar, black as night, with a touch of white, just to soften his stern image, a sign of his noble lineage that stern image.

Oh, those piercing lemon yellow eyes of his, oh God, help me and protect me! If this be a look of love or hate, of pride and vanity, or of desire and dominance, I’ll gladly be his slave: such is his black brooding beauty, resist it I cannot! “Here, take this small gift.”… What? He hesitates… Why this doubtful look? Why this change of mood? It’s not in his character to be timid…or is there a timid streak?

“Wait a minute, stay, don’t go”, I implore. “Look, I’m as gentle as a doe.”…Then he slowly moves closer and picks it up swiftly with his big black beak.

© irina dimitric 2012

Doug, this poem was written for Len’s Sunday Writing Essential, 19 September 2012.

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SunWinks! March 1, 2015: Abstract Poetry: The Medium is the Message.


Poets, this week Doug Westberg invites you to go wild!

Originally posted on SunWinks!:

Dear SunWinkers!

This is a lightly reworked reissue of my September, 2012 column for on the topic of Abstract and Cubist Poetry. I also urge you to read our recent SunWinks! columns on Edith Sitwell and Intrinsic Rhythm and Cubism as these three columns all encourage you to sharpen your sense of the sound, rhythm, and structure of your writing by putting aside considerations of meaning.

* * *

SunWinksLogoWell, we’re all done with modern poetry. I’ve exhausted every conceivable topic, every possible technique. There’s nothing left to talk about. Just go back through my previous columns and you’ll know everything there is to know about writing modern poetry.

Did I have you going for a second?

The fact is, there is no end to the invention, the creativity, and the variety of modern poetry and approaches to modern poetry. Think of how many stylistic genres and…

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My Poem Has Been Published

IMAG0852 signed crop autocontrast

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

My poem “The First Kiss In The 1950s” has been published on Narrator International. Some of you might remember this poem, but if you have time and wish to support me there, please click on the link below. It will be much appreciated.

Make sure to take there with you the blue colour of the sea. When I submitted the poem, I didn’t know that you could also submit a photo. I think this is really great news for all writers and poets who like to enhance their post with a photo.

“We have a new author joining us this Saturday afternoon, with a fantastic suggestion for how to spend a Saturday evening, in The First Kiss In The 1950s by Irina Dimitric.”…/

You can also connect with Narrator International on Facebook:

Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!

Cheers :) Irina

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SunWinks! February 22, 2015: Waxing Prosaic


What a marvellous tutorial! Poets, come along, compose a Prose Poem!

Originally posted on SunWinks!:

SunWinksLogoDear SunWinkers:

In recent weeks, we’ve been backing and filling on topics in the area of the sound and sonority of the language, including a couple ideas, neologism and tumbling verse, which we hope encouraged you to think about sonority and rhythm in new ways. Another way of sharpening your acuity on such considerations is to deprive yourself of the benefit of line breaks. When you do that, you end up with a

Prose Poem

Seemingly a contradiction in terms, the phrase may refer to

  1. a passage, usually short, of non-discursive* prose, the poetic quality of which is self-evident, or to
  2. a long work, which, although printed as prose, because of the prominence of the rhythms, the rich connotations of the language, the scope and significance of the whole, can properly be called a poem.**

Babette Deutsch, Poetry Handbook: A Dictionary of Terms[NY, NY: HarperResource 2002 reprint].

*i.e. not…

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Book Spotlight: Dreams On My Pillow by Irina Dimitric


What an honour to be spotlighted by the very talented writer and poet Christy Birmingham! Thank you, Christy, from the bottom of my heart. :)

Originally posted on Poetic Parfait:

Poetry Book Dreams On My Pillow Reading Dreams On My Pillow by Irina Dimitric on my Tablet. Photo: Poetic Parfait.

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great day! Today I am spotlighting the book Dreams On My Pillow by Irina Dimitric. It is a book It is a book of poetry that is certainly worthy of the mention here.

In Dreams On My Pillow, writer Irina Dimitric shares a collection of 39 poems that evoke many emotions. Some make me laugh (yes, I have reread them more than once), others speak of love, and there are beautiful poems about nature too.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Balmoral Beach on a sunny day in February. NSW, Australia.

Wouldn’t you like to be here now?

P1140507-001 rule of third 2

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Yoo-Hoo! – Tumbling Verse – SunWinks! February 15, 2015 Take a Tumble


VIDEO0455_0000016931 signed


VIDEO0455_0000034461-001 signed crop 2

P1240067 signed



Here I come, yoo-hoo-hoo!

Your beloved cockatoo

Oh yeah, screech I do

For I love you, yes I do


Away, away with you

Cheeky, screeching cockatoo!

Shoo and shoo and shoo!


Yeah, I loved you too

Before the bite you took

With your blasted beak, like a hook

(You don’t seem to need a cook!)

Out of my poor table that it shook

With searing horror and in pain

To be thus sliced and slain

Now exposing wounded grain


Depart at once, you pesky pest

NO, I’m not saying it in jest

NO, I’m no more impressed

By your splendid sulphur crest

You’re no more a welcome guest!


Shoo, shoo, shoo!

BOO to you!



© Copyright 2015 Irina Dimitric

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SunWinks! February 15, 2015: Take a Tumble


Poets, Tumbling Verse is fun, fun, fun.
Make it fast, come along,
Write your tumbling song .

Originally posted on SunWinks!:

SunWinksLogoDearest hardy, intrepid SunWinkers:

I frequently badger you to read your poetry aloud, and today’s column is no exception. Writing poetry without hearing what it sounds like is like studying a piano etude without touching the keyboard. For about a year, I’ve been making the rounds of poetry open mikes here in Vancouver USA and trying to be a good citizen of the poetry community. Reading your poems to an audience is so valuable, I just can’t recommend it highly enough! Ghost Town Poetry open mike, February 12, 2015 You get to hear it aloud, hear yourself read it, see what the audience responds to and what falls flat and what flies over their heads. It builds confidence in public speaking and in yourself as an artist. I’ve grown immensely from doing this. Here’s a sample, from January’s Ghost Town Poetry open mike:

This week, we bounce from Metaphors…

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Melancholy Merriment – SunWinks! February 1, 2015 (Oxymorons)

P1080677 mod sharp signed

A solitary magpie

Sitting on a pole

In joyful sadness

Carolling strains

Of the sweetest tones I know



Pray tell, enchanting bird

What does your melancholy

warbling say?



Behold, from high above

I can see afar and wide

Make haste while all is well

I’m tired of being

A one-bird band

Come along, sing with me

Together we’ll sing

A joyful song!




Copyright © Irina Dimitric 2015




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SunWinks! February 1, 2015: Who Are You Calling an Oxymoron?


Oxymorons are fun! Great challenge!

Originally posted on SunWinks!:

SunWinksLogoDear SunWinkers:

If you’ve been following our column, you’ve gotten a pretty good survey of the basic essentials in the modern poet’s tool belt. You’ve learned how to use a hammer, a screwdriver, a chalk line, a carpenter’s square, and a level. A poet uses metaphor, simile, imagery, line breaks, sonority, and rhythm every time one sits down to write a poem.

Among the quirkier, funnier, more arcane devices—the hole saw, stud finder, miter board, and drill press of the wordsmith’s workbench—is today’s topic, the Oxymoron. word oxymoron is from the Greek words meaning sharp…dull. So the origin of the word itself is an oxymoron! An oxymoron might also be called a contradiction in terms, or a two-word paradox. We’ve all heard them:

civil war
pretty ugly
safety risk
lengthy brief

We could go on forever. It’s just one more way to make your writing a little…

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