Hibiscus for Valentine’s Day

<3 Hibiscus aglow in the Garden of Love <3

IMAG2109-001 Hibiscus aglow.jpg crop

I hope Red Roses will forgive me for choosing  Red Hibiscus as a symbol of Love.


  Fuzzy Wuzzy in the Garden of Love

P1250641-001 Fuzzy Wuzzy Valentine

Note to Red Roses:

This Valentine Teddy Bear, which I got from my hubby last year, is holding a red rose!


May Love shine

Far and wide

On St. Valentine

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day! <3


Copyright 2016 Irina Dimitric


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Happy Australia Day 2016!

Wishing my Australian friends a wonderful Australia Day!

I’m sharing again the same poem I shared last year for Australia Day.

This poem was written in 2013, first published by Narrator Australia and  now appears in my book “Dreams On My Pillow”, and this design was created by my Facebook friend Ag Nes.



“Bathed in warm sunshine, may she prosper fair and black or any other pretty colour”

Bearing this line in mind, I am delighted to present to you a remarkable young man from Sudan who now calls Australia home and who says he coud never have dreamed of getting university education in Sudan because of the colour of his skin.

Deng Thiak was taken from his family at the age of six to be a soldier. Now he’s an accomplished defence lawyer and community leader in Sydney’s west.

May he and his work helping migrants prosper too.

May he be blessed along with others who come to this beautiful land to live honourably, to cherish the opportunities, the riches and freedoms Australia offers.




Sasha and I are also getting into a proper patriotic mood.



I may opt for this headgear, though.



Today I gave My Holden Barina, a true blue Aussie car,  a thorough wash. It is now ready to fly the Australian flag.

IMAG2811copy (2)

<3 Happy Australia Day 26 January 2016! <3


Copyright 2016 Irina Dimitric

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Colour Your World Challenge: Brick Red

Pax, my son’s dog

IMAG1619 Pax
“What’s going on? Are you taking me for a walk or not?”

Color Your World – Brick Red

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2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,700 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The Australian Magpie Family at Christmas 2015

Magpie mums and dads are busy birds at Christmas time. They are omnivorous birds, so we give them minced meat and sunflower seeds when they visit. And they visit every day, as you might have guessed. Even on rainy days. They just love our hospitality. This pair have been regular visitors for the last three years and every year they bring along their babies. Young  magpies are able to forage  on their own three weeks after leaving the nest, and by six months old can feed themselves, but some birds continue begging for food until eight or nine months of age, according to Google. The fledglings in my videos are about two months old and one of them seems to be famished.

Mother Magpie is a busy mum, while Father Magpie just looks on, not a hands-on dad, just a sort of old-fashioned male chauvinist … ! But do not jump to hasty conclusions! You might also say he’s a true gentleman letting his wife enjoy her meal in peace. As a matter of fact, both parents feed their babies, but always feed themselves first, as I’ve observed. Fair enough, I’d say. Rearing a young family is a demanding job.


A bit of drama… just some sibling rivalry as in any family!

Yummy, yummy, yummy!   Thank, you Mummy!

IMAG2536 Christmas Wreath

Let us be as happy as the Magpie Family! :)

Peace and joy to you at this blessed Christmas season and have a wonderful New Year!


Copyright 2015 Irina Dimitric



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The 5th Red Cross Hospital in Niš, Serbia, 1914-1915


Bogdan Stojic, medical student at Graz University, Austria

Bogdan Stojic, medical student at Graz University, Austria

Excerpt from “My Dad, Volunteer in WW1”. Abridged.
Previous instalments can be seen here and here and here.


After his defection from the Austro-Hungarian Army at Mount Gučevo, Bogdan was sent to serve in the military hospital in Niš, 180 kilometres south of Belgrade, the junction town on the line to Sofia in Bulgaria and Salonika in Greece. He was right there where he told his Croatian mate he would be. I doubt, though, he sent him a postcard as he’d promised!

Bogdan continues his tale:

‘When we arrived in Niš, we were taken to the cavalry barracks. We slept in one of the stables infested with fleas. There were so many fleas biting me viciously that I was on the verge of banging my head against the wall a few times. I might scatter them that way, I thought! I took off my shirt instead and kept shaking it hoping to get rid of them… didn’t sleep a wink that night, so in the morning I fell asleep on a log in front of the stable … I was so exhausted from the night battle with the damned fleas.’

He stayed there for two weeks, but didn’t mention any more battles with fleas. I suppose he got used to them!

‘I managed to get in touch with Colonel Nešić, a family friend. He released me from the prisoners’ camp. I tried again to volunteer on the front, but his wife and daughter insisted medical persons were badly needed in hospitals. I agreed to work in a hospital, but asked to work in a Russian hospital. It wasn’t Russian as such, it was a Serbian army hospital I was sent to, only the chief surgeon was Russian and all the nurses were Russian. I wanted to learn more Russian. I worked there until the end of 1915 when the Germans and Austrians attacked us.’

Bogdan joined the 5th Red Cross Hospital on 20 October 1914. He worked there as anaesthetist and medical orderly to surgeon Dr Sergei Sofoterov, a Russian colonel in reserve.

The following is an excerpt from Dad’s autobiographical notes he wrote after the Second World War, some typed and some handwritten; I’m so grateful for his legible writing, not very common with doctors. I discovered this document in 2013.

‘Dr Sofoterov executed all operations of the lower extremities under lumbar anaesthesia, and for all other cases chloroform was administered. In this hospital, previously a cavalry barracks, there were eight rooms with about 30 patients in each. All the patients, including me, were infested with lice. Austrian soldiers, about 70,000 taken prisoner in November 1914, brought along to Serbia epidemic typhus, infecting countless Serb soldiers and civilians. A small number of these prisoners were housed in the stables where I worked and visited.’

What follows is handwritten on a separate piece of paper and inserted at this point. It has never been included in the printed version, possibly to avoid criticism by the Communists who didn’t like giving credit to King Alexander I.

‘At the entrance stood a male nurse with a long thick rod, like Cerberus at the entrance of Hades. To the left there was a scaffolding raised two metres high where another male nurse slept. Under the scaffolding, corpses were laid out like logs in neat order, four to five lengthwise and in the next row four to five crosswise in the opposite direction. The male nurse’s duty was to guard the corpses from theft of coats and boots. Inside, the patients lay on remnants of straw, but only a microscope could determine that there was any straw! A male nurse was distributing bread and soup. There were no doctors or medicines. I immediately advised Dr Sofoterov of this deplorable situation, a source of typhus epidemic. He came to inspect it and immediately set out for Kragujevac, to the High Command, and reported the situation personally to Crown Prince Alexander. Within three days measures were put in place to sanitise this stable.’

The rest is again in print:

‘Out of 300 doctors, nurses, soldiers and civilians 115 died from typhus in the beginning of 1915. There was also typhus reccurentis, relapsing fever, which I contracted at the same time. After a few months the epidemic eased.

Whenever Dr Sofoterov was absent on consultation at the High Command in Kragujevac, Dr Petar Zec, a volunteer from Korenica, filled in for him. He was a great slavophile. In 1935, at the Pan-Slavic Sokol Slet, a massive gymnastics festival, in Prague, he was the leader of Sokol from Lika, Croatia, and he bought himself a Škoda. When his friends asked him why he didn’t buy a better car, a German Opel, he said that he always bought only Slav cars. This extraordinary man was shot by mistake in 1945, a few days after liberation.’

Many innocent people perished in the commotion of the liberation in 1945, the liberators exterminating those they suspected of being foreign spies. My dad, too, nearly lost his life on coming home from Germany where he had spent four years as a POW. But that’s another story.

(To be continued, hopefully!)

©2015 Irina Dimitric

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Friendship Behind the Scenes

When Will the World know Peace … ? By DG MARYOGA

My Space in the Immense Universe

In the Mind’s Eye,I am not so Far Away … Just Sense me and I’ll be there ..

We Accomplish Nothing in this World Alone ... We Accomplish Nothing in this World Alone …

It was on a sunny May day in 2015 when my husband and I met our Parisian friend Camille in the Historical Plaka under the Acropolis to show her around and then drive to Sounio to enjoy the sunset from the Temple of Poseidon.

Greek-French Friendship under the Acropolis ... Greek-French Friendship under the Acropolis …

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” William Shakespeare

Shall we Engrave Friendship on the Ancient Coloumns like Lord Byron ... ? Shall we Engrave our Friendship on the Ancient Columns like Lord Byron … ?

Shall We Engrave Friendship & Solidarity on the Ancient Colums like Lord Byron’s verses … ?

“Place me on Sunium’s marbled steep,Where nothing, save the waves and I,May hear our mutual murmurs sweep;There, swan-like, let me sing and die … “

Or Shall we Gaze reflectively…

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Joy of Spring – Acrostic Poem

November is the month of the glorious Jacaranda.

Wishing you all a great  weekend filled with love and happiness!

P1200241-001 I'm feeling lucky- signed

  • Joyful is the song in
    Aussie land
    Cantata in D major
    Across the landscape
    Radiant purple
    Adorns the
    New vision of the world
    Days of bliss and harmony ahead
    As we reach out to each other with love and respect

©2015 Irina Dimitric

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Twilight Songs


P1190442 signed

Once upon a time

You were like a butterfly

Here and there and everywhere

Now you are stuck in a wheelchair

Once you sighed day in day out

“Why must I live so long?”

Now you’re blissfully content

You don’t remember

What you’ve ever said

You live in a foreign land

Like most in the dining room today

The piano plays soft melodies

Of bygone years, I feel my eyes

Well up with tears

Tears keep rolling

Down my cheeks

As I watch you sitting

Motionless, expressionless

I turn away my face:

A young nurse’s belly carries

A new life, a new beginning

Amidst the very ending

My tears keep rolling

Down to my trembling lips

The nurse keeps smiling

Her words are sweet

“Come on love, up you go

One two three, well done

Hang on to your walker, dear”

The old soul, half her size

Slowly shuffles on

I shed one more tear

My wet eyes I wipe…

The piano played

Their songs and mine

Once upon a time

© 2015 Irina Dimitric

Have a great week! <3 Irina

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Lavender – Acrostic Poem

Photo taken with my very smart phone HTC Desire 300. September 2015

English lavender. Photo taken with my very smart phone HTC Desire 300. September 2015

Lo and behold
A purple miracle in the clay pot
Vanished in an instant are
Evil landscapes and
Nauseous thoughts
Drowned in its dreamy beauty my
Eyes and aching soul bathe and

©2015 Irina Dimitric

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