Friendship Behind the Scenes


When Will the World know Peace … ? By DG MARYOGA

Originally posted on My Space in the Immense Universe:

In the Mind’s Eye,I am not so Far Away … Just Sense me and I’ll be there ..

We Accomplish Nothing in this World Alone ... We Accomplish Nothing in this World Alone …

It was on a sunny May day in 2015 when my husband and I met our Parisian friend Camille in the Historical Plaka under the Acropolis to show her around and then drive to Sounio to enjoy the sunset from the Temple of Poseidon.

Greek-French Friendship under the Acropolis ... Greek-French Friendship under the Acropolis …

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” William Shakespeare

Shall we Engrave Friendship on the Ancient Coloumns like Lord Byron ... ? Shall we Engrave our Friendship on the Ancient Columns like Lord Byron … ?

Shall We Engrave Friendship & Solidarity on the Ancient Colums like Lord Byron’s verses … ?

“Place me on Sunium’s marbled steep,Where nothing, save the waves and I,May hear our mutual murmurs sweep;There, swan-like, let me sing and die … “

Or Shall we Gaze reflectively…

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Joy of Spring – Acrostic Poem

November is the month of the glorious Jacaranda.

Wishing you all a great  weekend filled with love and happiness!

P1200241-001 I'm feeling lucky- signed

  • Joyful is the song in
    Aussie land
    Cantata in D major
    Across the landscape
    Radiant purple
    Adorns the
    New vision of the world
    Days of bliss and harmony ahead
    As we reach out to each other with love and respect

©2015 Irina Dimitric

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Twilight Songs


P1190442 signed

Once upon a time

You were like a butterfly

Here and there and everywhere

Now you are stuck in a wheelchair

Once you sighed day in day out

“Why must I live so long?”

Now you’re blissfully content

You don’t remember

What you’ve ever said

You live in a foreign land

Like most in the dining room today

The piano plays soft melodies

Of bygone years, I feel my eyes

Well up with tears

Tears keep rolling

Down my cheeks

As I watch you sitting

Motionless, expressionless

I turn away my face:

A young nurse’s belly carries

A new life, a new beginning

Amidst the very ending

My tears keep rolling

Down to my trembling lips

The nurse keeps smiling

Her words are sweet

“Come on love, up you go

One two three, well done

Hang on to your walker, dear”

The old soul, half her size

Slowly shuffles on

I shed one more tear

My wet eyes I wipe…

The piano played

Their songs and mine

Once upon a time

© 2015 Irina Dimitric

Have a great week! <3 Irina

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Lavender – Acrostic Poem

Photo taken with my very smart phone HTC Desire 300. September 2015

English lavender. Photo taken with my very smart phone HTC Desire 300. September 2015

Lo and behold
A purple miracle in the clay pot
Vanished in an instant are
Evil landscapes and
Nauseous thoughts
Drowned in its dreamy beauty my
Eyes and aching soul bathe and

©2015 Irina Dimitric

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The Substitute Sun by Boris Glikman


A story to make you think and laugh by the very talented Australian writer Boris Glikman.

Originally posted on SCULLY LOVE PROMO:

The Substitute Sun by Boris Glikman Image by Agnieszka

The world awoke one bright morning to find that the Sun was gone, replaced by a circular cardboard cut-out. The cut-out was roughly coloured in by a yellow pencil, with some of the colouring straying beyond the circumference of the disc and staining the blueness of the sky. Short cardboard rays were coming out of the rim and there was a smiley face sketched inside the circle. It looked just like a child’s drawing of the Sun.

After mankind had recovered from the shock of losing their beloved star, plans were made to locate it and put it back in its rightful place. Great rewards were offered to anyone who could provide information as to its whereabouts. Police forces allocated their best men to try and pinpoint who was likely to commit such an act.  Pressure was put on crime organisations to reveal if this was their…

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A Haiku for the First of September 2015

Spring has officially sprung in Australia today.

It’s a glorious sunny day.

Happy Spring to all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere!

IMAG2186 signed

Pink blossoms, blue sky

Zephyr plays with butterflies

Birdsong in the air


©Irina Dimitric 2015



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A Hippy Tune

A Funny Bunny Poem

Spring starts in Australia on 1 September, so here’s a poem for Spring when bunnies enjoy life the most.

IMAG1387 signed crop

Funny Bunny
Loves li’l Mrs Bunny
Fat and tall is he
Slim and small is she
What a pair!
Fair is fair
Fairer she than he

Yet cuteness does not matter
Even though he’s fatter
Every day they frolic
In their paradise bucolic
Sniffing flowers
One by one
Nibbling clover
Tumbling over
Oh those sweet embraces
Over and over

Love’s all that and more
Let’s make love, not war!

<3 <3

Copyright ©2015 Irina Dimitric

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Posting from my smartphone!

This is my first time ever. I’m very excited.  I’m going to add a photo now.P1110920 signedDone! Yay! …It’s almost spring here. …Wishing you all a great week…Irina :)

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Lincoln and the Magna Carta

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Originally posted on Millie Thom:
On June 15, 1215 – or 19th according to some sources – at a place called Runneymede (near Windsor) on the River Thames, King John of England reluctantly signed a treaty with the powerful barons…

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Call for Submissions: My Perfect/ Less-Than-Perfect Vacation Poetry/Flash Fiction Series

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

journey Summer is here and people are hitting the road to enjoy some rest and relaxation — and maybe even some cultural enrichment. What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? If you’ve experienced one — tell us about it in a poem or flash fiction (200 words or fewer). Or if you’re still waiting for your dream sojourn, let us know what you envision — in a poem or flash fiction. If you’ve experienced a less-than-perfect vacation, we’d like to hear about that, too! 

PROMPT: In a poem or flash fiction (200 words or fewer), tell us about your perfect or less-than-perfect vacation. Please send a photo of yourself — at any age — to accompany the poem, and provide a caption for the photo (when, where). (If possible, send a vacation photo.)

WHAT: Submissions can be original or previously published poems or flash fiction. You retain all rights to your…

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