World War 2 Revisited – Kintsugi Poets Society BlogHop Day 5

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Sirens wail across the city
A rush to the shelter, a dark musty cellar
Where old and young will huddle
Next to black coal and dry firewood
The stash of fuel to cook their meagre meals
And warm their feet in winter

Some seem brave enough to even joke
Or joke to hide their fear
Others finger the rosary beads
Muttering “God please spare us”
While the dreaded drone drones nearer
The steel birds above ready to drop their
State-of-the-art droppings

The house is near the railway line
Near the target, a miss can strike them
So they’re praying as bombs start
Whizzing, while the rumbling’s
Drumming, while the walls are
Dancing, dancing the dance of war
The Dance of Death

Now old and young alike are trembling
Shaking like the walls around them
Trembling, shaking, praying
In the musty darkness
As bombs are
They all are
God please
Spare us!

© irina dimitric 2013

About irinadim

Kookaburra sweet, you neither chirp nor tweet. Your laughter is much like mine, my cackle is much like thine. We are two sister souls, one clad in feathers, the other in clothes. ~ Irina ~ I’m a budding blogger. Poetry and photography are my newest passions, living in perfect harmony inspiring each other. I like both free verse and form poetry and am quite proud to let you know that I am the creator of a new form named ‘tercetonine’. Blog Name: Irina's Poetry Corner Blog URL:
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6 Responses to World War 2 Revisited – Kintsugi Poets Society BlogHop Day 5

  1. afstewart says:

    A poignant poem.

  2. it must have been terrifying, especially for a 9 yr old child…not knowing if the next bomb would extinguish life…you gave us dark terror that many never experienced…good write, Irian

    • irinadim says:

      Thanks, Richard. It was terrifying. When peace was restored, I naively believed it would now last forever. This belief was very short lived: Hiroshima plunged us into a prolonged fear of atomic war and complete annihilation of life.

  3. Violi says:

    Congrats Irina for another great poem. Thank you for sharing.

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