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Tug-of-love by Benita Kape

Kookaburra  Mindful Poetry Contest 2013 – Tercetonine Tug-of-love (a cranky and gobby dedication to my kids) Excited, I arrive in a city I love Abundant bird life, cooing dove And that pesky kookaburra, so rowdy and cranky. Google-oogle-oogle him; you will … Continue reading

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On Guard

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:
There is a darkness where light bursts forth and does not illuminate, but rather turns dark all that it touches. Beware of this “not-light” for it seeks to comsume our very souls; this absence…

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Cloud Gazing Published

Hi Everyone! I’m sharing this with you to let you know not only about my excitement, but to introduce to you this very friendly publishing company, now known as Narrator Central. If you check out my post there, you can find … Continue reading

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Pretty Dandelion in My Garden

Like sunshine cheerful dandelion brightens my heart.

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Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
  Malala Yousafzai   (For Malala Yousafzai) five times shot by medieval misogyny bullets of brittle belief aimed by ancient assassins at innocent dreams fifty million young girls take to second-class beds every third…

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Sweet Revenge for Halloween

There was an old hag Sick of trick-o-treating brats Disguised as spooky spooks Lean mean witches Even meaner Captain Hooks Fairy floss fairies Devouring her treats So she put on a hat, mounted a broom And went trick-o-treating as well! … Continue reading

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diaries & connections to the past

Originally posted on Accidental Pen:
I have been thinking a lot about diaries – especially the old, hand-written ones.  In our local news, there have been several recent articles about a Civil War diary that is being examined by local…

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Dianthus in my Garden

Every day is a new beginning. Spread the magic of Love.

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Sing a Song of Love when the Warlock Beckons -Tercetonine

Sing a Song of Love when the Warlock Beckons When my spirits sink too low The warlock’s on the prowl, I know His scheming dart could tear my soul apart Rejoice he does in his evil deed Spreading monstrous lies … Continue reading

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