SunWinks! July 13, 2014: The H.M.S. Metaphor Goes On Extended Holiday

Poets, here’s a great challenge!


SunWinks! July 13, 2014: The H.M.S. Metaphor Goes On Extended Holiday

Dearest SunWinkers!

SunWinksLogoWe’ve been talking about metaphor in our language (that’s how it’s built) and our poetry (it wouldn’t be very poetic without it). Metaphors—and successful poetry—make us look at things in new ways by making fresh connections among diverse ideas.

An extended metaphoris a comparison that is carried out through an extended part or the entire length of a work. Some writers say it is synonymous with allegory. I think they are two different things, but I don’t have the energy to belabor the point here.

Here is a tiny sample of poems which use extended metaphors. Browse your favorite anthology to find many more. They shouldn’t be too hard to pick out. In fact, it occurs to me this would be a fabulous exercise!

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  1. pambrittain says:

    Irina, re-blogging this was a great idea.

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