I Cried A River Over You


P1120360 pansies- signed

I cried a river over you

For years and years and years

Until all the tears had dried up


The river bed is parched ground now

Dying a slow death

Yet yearning for life

Yearning for tears

But my tears won’t come


You come

In my dreams you come

As lovely as a spring flower

Coloured with colours of hope

Inside though, a stubborn, cold heart

Within a wall of leaden silence


But my tears don’t come

The river bed is parched ground now.  



Copyright © 2016 Irina Dimitric




About irinadim

Kookaburra sweet, you neither chirp nor tweet. Your laughter is much like mine, my cackle is much like thine. We are two sister souls, one clad in feathers, the other in clothes. ~ Irina ~ I’m a budding blogger. Poetry and photography are my newest passions, living in perfect harmony inspiring each other. I like both free verse and form poetry and am quite proud to let you know that I am the creator of a new form named ‘tercetonine’. Blog Name: Irina's Poetry Corner Blog URL: http://irinadim.com
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12 Responses to I Cried A River Over You

  1. What a sad and moving poem, Irina.

  2. Aquileana says:

    So nicely penned, dear Irina… I liked to think that the river would always carry those tears… so the sorrow and sadness were not in vain, somehow as they aimed to create something beautiful.
    Sending hugs !… Enjoy your weekend ahead, Aquileana

    • irinadim says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Aquileana. Tears have not been in vain… they have been cathartic up to a point… the remnants of pain are still there, but I have to learn to live with it. Have a wonderful week! Hugs 🙂 irina

  3. milliethom says:

    A lovely poem, Irina, full of emotion. The river of tears is so meaningful and the repeat of the river now being dried up, or parched, even more so. Memories don’t dry up so easily. 😃

    • irinadim says:

      Thank you, Millie, for your thoughts on this poem and I’m glad you like it. You are right about memories, they can never be erased. Some are happy and some are sad, but those very sad ones, as time passes by, luckily, don’t bring a flood of tears any more. Time is a great healer. 🙂

  4. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    I hope there is no reason to cry any longer, but sad poems have a beautiful flare, that probably comes from the depth of emotion.

  5. Christy B says:

    It’s true that sometimes we feel as though we are in a moment when crying ought to be natural but the tears do not come.. in time they will.. or perhaps it is that enough tears have come that you have worked past that part of the grieving stage… Regardless, it is a poem that is very heartfelt, Irina xx

    • irinadim says:

      Thank you, Christy, for reading and commenting. You have understood my poem very well. And thanks for sharing it on Facebook. Much appreciated. I feel truly honoured and humbled. Have a nice day! xxx

  6. Daria Kill says:

    Life is so sad, isn’t it.

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