New daffodil to commemorate Gallipoli fallen

First World War Centenary, 1914-1918


A new daffodil has been created to commemorate soldiers who fought and died in the Dardanelles campaign of 1915.

Expert grower Ron Scamp has named his new variety Gallipoli Dawn and he hopes the flower will raise much-needed funds for the organisation set up to remember those killed and wounded in the fighting.

Scamp grows more than 3,000 varieties of daffodil – the largest collection in the world – in Falmouth, Cornwall.

He said: ‘I made the first “cross” of this daffodil in 1992, it first flowered in 1997 and it usually takes another six to 12 years to develop to a commercial variety.

‘This daffodil is an all-yellow, strong growing variety for the garden and has already won prizes in exhibition. When the Gallipoli Association approached me and asked me if I had a variety that could be named for the centenary commemoration I was deeply honoured.’

Lyn Edmonds…

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  1. So important. Thanks for the share, Irina.

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