Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Power Lines

I hate overhead power lines, but they’re everywhere in my neighbourhood at Beauty Point, Sydney, Australia and I like taking photos of them. These were taken last year.

P1170057 mod sharp 11-001 signed
This one was taken in Medusa Street. I like the combination of straight lines and loops connecting it all together.

P1190049 signed
The perfect geometry of the power lines and the double cross is quite pleasing. This photo was taken in Pindari Avenue,  about fifty metres from my house.

P1190492 signed
A full moon can turn a power pole with its lines into a romantic sight.

P1020050  mag on pole 50 mod 1 email signed
This is my friend the magpie sitting on the pole in front of my house. The magpie’s song brightens my day. Without the power pole the bird would be sitting in the tree and I wouldn’t see it. Nothing is ever perfect!



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10 Responses to Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Power Lines

  1. katlnhat says:

    Good Morning, Irina! (or it is here)
    Those are all over the place here in the states, too and they scare me, because I can hear that hum all the time. Sometimes, I think it follows me 🙂 Your photos are great, though and I love your magpie 🙂

    • irinadim says:

      It’s evening here, Kat. These suburban power lines don’t hum, but they spoil the landscape and I’m scared of them on windy days when they can come down and electrocute you.

      Thanks for liking my photos. 🙂

  2. pambrittain says:

    That last picture is worth having them there. Oh, and the electricity they provide.

  3. These pictures are great! Brilliant stuff. 😀

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