The First Kiss in the 1950s – SunWinks!: Simile and Friday Writing Essential: Youthful Memories


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In the olden days
A girl fifteen, going on sixteen
Met a boy seventeen

On a summer night
Side by side they strolled
On the Adriatic coast

His bright blue eyes
As blue as the sea
She could not resist
When he did insist
“Let’s take a walk tonight.”

When the full Moon rose
She led them to a spot she chose
Where mermaids play and sleep
And sometimes weep

There under an ancient olive tree
They stood transfixed…
He pulled her gently closer
Felt her shiver
Like a flower in the breeze

“Have no fear, my dear
I’d never harm you,” said he
“Relax. Set your mind at ease.”

Then his eager lips
Gently touched her longing mouth…
Like that they stayed
In the sweetness of young love
For a long long while
And the Moon approved
With a smile

“Oh, wow! Will I have a baby now?
Thought she, a bit alarmed

“Little fool, stay cool, “ said the Moon
“No offspring has ever sprung
From a kiss as gentle as this.”

Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric

About irinadim

Kookaburra sweet, you neither chirp nor tweet. Your laughter is much like mine, my cackle is much like thine. We are two sister souls, one clad in feathers, the other in clothes. ~ Irina ~ I’m a budding blogger. Poetry and photography are my newest passions, living in perfect harmony inspiring each other. I like both free verse and form poetry and am quite proud to let you know that I am the creator of a new form named ‘tercetonine’. Blog Name: Irina's Poetry Corner Blog URL:
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15 Responses to The First Kiss in the 1950s – SunWinks!: Simile and Friday Writing Essential: Youthful Memories

  1. Boris says:

    a charming poem Irina! Can I ask if it’s based on a true story?

    • irinadim says:

      Yes, it is, I must confess. It’s hard for young people today to imagine how ignorant we were at their age so many years ago. The last bit, however, was a bit different. I was, actually, scared that I might get a VD. But I considered the baby idea to be definitely more suitable for this poem. 🙂

  2. Lol… That ending bit made me chuckle, Ms Irina. It’s witty and beautiful.

  3. pambrittain says:

    Wonderfully done, Irina.

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  5. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful dear Irina… I love your poem, particularly the third stanza.
    Great post. Love to you my friend. Aquileana ⭐

  6. cherylfoston says:

    Lovely poems! 🙂

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