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A Poem is like an Orange (SunWinks! 7 September 2014 – Shuffle)

      An orange is a fruit. Fruit it is with pips. Pips, pips, pips and Juicy orange flesh It is full of vitamin C. It is good for you. Orange juice is an orange juiced, with no pips. … Continue reading

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Falsehood and Truth – Fable

    Once upon a time, two beautiful girls, wearing beautiful garments, went to bathe in a lake. The girls’ names were Falsehood and Truth. They took off their dresses, arranged them carefully on the bed of grass and dived … Continue reading

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Window This abstract oil painting I painted many years ago, entitled Window,  inspired the poem I wrote last year. It’s 92 x 70 cm and hangs on the wall facing the entry, its bright colours even brighter in the morning sunshine. It’s signed … Continue reading

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