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Just Who Was Saint Valentine?

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┬áValentine was a Roman priest during the reign of Emperor Claudius the Second in the third century AD. He is sometimes known as Claudius the Cruel – and is not the Emperor Claudius who was…

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Lincoln and the Magna Carta

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Originally posted on Millie Thom:
On June 15, 1215 – or 19th according to some sources – at a place called Runneymede (near Windsor) on the River Thames, King John of England reluctantly signed a treaty with the powerful barons…

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W P Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral The ever elusive side of everyday moments

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So true, Gerry. Let’s enjoy the moment and simple things in life!

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(P)ersist (U)ntil (S)omething (H)appens #OneWord365 2015

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Inspirational post! Thank you, Kim.

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