The Magic Dandelion

My name is Mufti.

P1210145 signed

Sniffing about is my favourite occupation.

P1210140-001 signed

I’m partially blind. Actually, almost totally blind in the right eye.

I nearly banged my head against the wall a moment ago.

Ouch! Now I did bang it.


P1210142 crop signed

 This is Maisy. She follows me everywhere. Like a shadow. Nosey cat.

P1210159 crop signed

Sniff, sniff, sniff…Ahh, what enchanting scents! I just love it.

My eyesight is poor, but my sense of smell is intact.

Pottering about in the garden is sheer delight.

P1210211 crop signed

I’m a young, sharp-eyed cat.
He thinks I’m following him out of curiosity.
There is some truth in that, I’m naturally curious, of course.
However, my main purpose is to be near him in case he needs me.

P1210203 signed

What are you doing, Mufti?
I’m looking for the magic dandelion. I was told it would restore my eyesight.
All I have to do is stare at it for a while.

P1210209 cro signed

And you believe in magic? You’re a dreamer, Mufti dear.

P1210161 crop signed

That’s the one! I’m sure it is. It’s so beautiful.
Let me now stare at its beauty.
Let me concentrate and just stare.
I’m staring and staring.
And staring.
I can’t see any better.

P1210166 signed

Maybe it’s this one…

P1210216 crop signed

You don’t understand, Maisy. You’re too young.
I’ll keep looking for the magic dandelion. I’ve got to believe in something.
Life without hope would be very hard to bear.
You wouldn’t want to hang out with an old depressed dude, would you?
Remember this, Maisy. One day you’ll be old too. If you live long enough, that is.
Never give up Hope.

Oh, maybe it’s this one under my chin!

~ ~ ~

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” ~ Franz Kafka

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

~ ~ ~

Copyright 2014 Irina Dimitric

About irinadim

Kookaburra sweet, you neither chirp nor tweet. Your laughter is much like mine, my cackle is much like thine. We are two sister souls, one clad in feathers, the other in clothes. ~ Irina ~ I’m a budding blogger. Poetry and photography are my newest passions, living in perfect harmony inspiring each other. I like both free verse and form poetry and am quite proud to let you know that I am the creator of a new form named ‘tercetonine’. Blog Name: Irina's Poetry Corner Blog URL:
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29 Responses to The Magic Dandelion

  1. sf says:

    What cute names, Mufti and Maisy! Mufti reminds me of my friend’s dog named Daisy, a dog that’s deaf.

    Several women would get together once in awhile at that friend’s house and Daisy would often be asleep. But because she can’t hear, she has no idea we’re all there making a racket and chatting together over lunch in the living room. But as soon as Daisy opens her eyes awake, she’s so thrilled to see so many people around her, that she jumps and runs around like crazy. Always used to crack me up to see that.

    • irinadim says:

      What a funny story about deaf Daisy! Thanks for sharing it.
      Mufti and Maisy are my neighbours’ pets. My friend and I are looking after them while our neighbours are holidaying in South America. Maisy is taller than Mufti, a small Shih Tzu.

      • sf says:

        Aw, that’s so cool that you’ve got such cool pets to look after! The apartment I live in doesn’t allow pets, so any thoughts of getting a cuddly one is out of the rules for now.

        p.s. There was one time I had come into my friend’s home and said, “Hi, Deafy!”. My friend said to me, “Her name’s Daisy”. I said, “Yeah, I know, but she can’t hear me anyways.”

        Aye! Yes, I get chewed out a LOT, whenever I share that story of my meanie ways.

      • irinadim says:

        What a shame you can’t have pets in your apartment. That’s not cool at all.
        “Deafy”, I like that. You make me laugh, SF. Thanks 🙂

  2. Barbara Horter says:

    Belief is the secret of magic!

  3. afstewart says:

    A charming and delightful post.

  4. Aquileana says:

    Hello Iirna…

    Oh my dear friend i totatlly enjoyed this post… A sort of poetic description of the puppy & kitten … So cute…

    Mufti the dreamer dog who sees further, despite his eyesight. An the sharp-eyed cat as you call him…

    Playful times in Irina´s garden… In fact it seems to one another poetic corner, a place to share smiles, tears & deep feelings…

    Thanks for sharing my dearest aussie friend :))

    • irinadim says:

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed this post, Aquileana, because I enjoyed so much creating it.

      Our pets are fascinating characters. The photos I take inspire me to write a little story and playfulness helps me to cope with the sorrows in my life. I do not write about them openly, they’re hidden in my poems.

      Thank you for appreciating what my blog is about.

      Many hugs 🙂 Irina

  5. Aquileana says:

    Irina I want to show you my two cats:



    Many hugs, Aquileana 🙂

    • irinadim says:

      Aww what gorgeous cats! Thank you so much for showing them to me.

      I bet they’re spoilt rotten. But such glamorous cats deserve to be spoilt.
      Hugs to you, Misha and Nobel 🙂

  6. What a delightful set of friends you have, Irina. “Hope” is my favorite word this season of life.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  7. Michael Lane says:

    Loved this. You told a very delightful story and I love your animals.

    • irinadim says:

      Oh, thank you so much, Michael. My neighbours have moved out recently, I miss their animals. I used to have dogs and cats but now I’m too old to look after them. I have a canary instead.

  8. pambrittain says:

    I am an absolute lover of cats and that one is beautiful.

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  10. Your kitties are beautiful, as is your magical story.

  11. milliethom says:

    Another charming story with a lovely touch of humour in the conversation. Wonderful photos to go with it, too. Mufti and Maisy make a good twosome.

    • irinadim says:

      Thank you so much, Millie. Maisy, unfortunately, is no more. She died of poisoning, possibly ate something nasty in somebody’s garden.

      • milliethom says:

        Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. She sounded like a sparky little dog, despite her blindness. I’m sure you must all miss her.

      • irinadim says:

        The little dog’s name is Mufti. He’s still around. Maisy the cat passed away.

      • milliethom says:

        Oh yes! The names both begin with M, which confused me. I’m so pleased Mufti’s still around but sorry about little Maisy. Our two wonderful cats died a few years ago at the age of 23. Once one died, the other seemed to lose interest in life and died soon after. I still miss them.

  12. irinadim says:

    I didn’t know cats could live to such grand age. Ours died aged 16. We had dogs too. They were all about the same age and died one after the other. I miss them too but couldn’t look after dogs or cats any more. We have a canary, and he is also getting old.

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