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W P Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral The ever elusive side of everyday moments

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So true, Gerry. Let’s enjoy the moment and simple things in life!

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Anzac Biscuits – Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

2015 is the ANZAC Centenary year, so I’ve chosen for this post fresh, crunchy, delicious and nutritious ANZAC Biscuits, sent by mothers, sisters, wives and sweethearts to soldiers in WWI. They were all volunteers as was my father in the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Rethinking Life:
ARTISTS4PEACE It is time to grow! 😀 It has been wonderful setting the foundation with all of you and our monthly scheduled topics. It is nice to share our work and our passion for peace…

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Call for Submissions: Me, as a Child Poetry Series

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:
Spring is almost upon us (actually, in Los Angeles it’s already here) and our thoughts turn to beginnings — the inspiration for our latest call for submissions: ME, AS A CHILD Poetry Series. PROMPT: In…

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Growing Up In The 1940s

  This year we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War Two. It was such a long time ago. I’m trying to remember what it was like for me in those turbulent years of War, and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

  Just as an orange nourishes your body, so the orange colour energises your soul. The colour orange was named after the fruit. ~ Nasturtium is not only a weed buster,  but it’s also edible and very good for your health. … Continue reading

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SunWinks! March 8, 2015: Rhymes with “Economy”

Originally posted on SunWinks!:
[This column first appeared in slightly different form on Gather in 2012] Dear SunWinks! Symbiotes: Metonymy!  (gesundheit…) Pardon my Greek… The word “metonymy” itself may look as arcane and hairy as, say, onomatopoeia, but like onomatopoeia,…

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Gertrude Stein’s Mentoring – SunWinks! March 1, 2015: Abstract Poetry

  A rose. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. A shrivelled rose is a shrivelled rose is a shrivelled rose. Which is sad, very sad, very very sad. You see It is true, very true, … Continue reading

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The Black Prince – Prose Poem – SunWinks! February 22, 2015: Waxing Prosaic

Who is The Black Prince? There he stands haughty, resplendent in his shiny blackness, black as tar, black as night, with a touch of white, just to soften his stern image, a sign of his noble lineage that stern image. … Continue reading

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SunWinks! March 1, 2015: Abstract Poetry: The Medium is the Message.

Originally posted on SunWinks!:
Dear SunWinkers! This is a lightly reworked reissue of my September, 2012 column for on the topic of Abstract and Cubist Poetry. I also urge you to read our recent SunWinks! columns on Edith Sitwell…

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